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Monday, 24 August 2009

Reducing the disk size of Inventor part files

If you want to share an Inventor part file (.ipt) with colleagues, clients or suppliers and you want to keep the file size down, there’s a little tip that can help.

Once you have finished the design and are ready to send it out, before you save the part file move the Inventor End of Part feature from the bottom of the feature tree to the top. This will suppress all of the part features within the tree and the part model will disappear from the modelling window.

Don’t worry though, you haven’t lost any data, you have just suppressed the features in the part file ready for sending out. How does this help? Well, for one it will reduce the size of Inventor part file on disk so that you can fit more on a CD\DVD or memory stick, but more often it helps when emailing part files and you have a restriction on the size of attachments.

Even better yet, if you publish the Inventor part file as a DWF document that can be viewed using Autodesk Design Review the file size is reduced even further still!

For an example part I have just tested, these are the results I got:
  • End of Part at the bottom = 355KB
  • End of Part the top =180KB
  • DWF file = 130KB