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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Autodesk University 2009

I've not had an opportunity to attend Autodesk University yet so was pretty excited when the call came through that this year I'll be going. You can imagine the look I got from my wife when I told her I was off to Las Vegas for a week in early December!!

Once I’d got over the “I’ll be working, it’s not all beer and casinos” conversation I started looking at the AU website to register and start planning my schedule for the three day event. There’s over 600 multi-level classes and hands-on labs for pretty much every Autodesk product relating to a whole host of relevant industries including Manufacturing, Architecture & Building Design, Civil Engineering, Visualisation, Geospatial etc. There is most definitely something for everyone. Luckily though, the automatic on-line scheduling gizmo took all of the classes and sessions I said I was interested in and fitted them nicely into a calendar so I could quickly see which class I will be attending, when and where without having to try and schedule it all myself. Any classes that overlap were highlighted and I could choose which one I wanted to attend, and which one I wanted to re-schedule. It’s a really neat tool.

What I also noticed whilst browsing through the schedules was that the classes are not presented just by Autodesk or reseller partners, there a lot of classes that are presented by end users who want to share their own experiences and best practices of implementing and using Autodesk technology within their business. If you’re new to Autodesk technology or thinking of investing in Autodesk technology then who best to hear about it from than other users that have been successful?

As I specialise in the Autodesk Manufacturing products, the easy choice for me would have been to select all of the classes for Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical etc but I decided that I wanted to learn more about the other Autodesk products that collaborate with the Manufacturing tools. I’m finding that more and more companies are wanting to collaborate, and re-using data rather than re-creating it is a huge benefit when taking a fabricated product designed using Inventor into an Architectural design using Revit. Or taking land surface data from Civil3D into Inventor to help design concrete bore holes. So most of my classes for my first visit to AU will be taking me out of my usual comfort zone so I can come back oozing with information.

All I need now is to complete the 18 hour, three airports and two flight journey to get to Las Vegas............but I cannot wait!

Autodesk University takes place at The Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas from 1st December 2009 to 3rd December 2009. For more information you can visit the AU website – http://au.autodesk.com