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Friday, 18 September 2009

Product Design & Engineering on the move

As most Product Designers or Design Engineers have experienced, you instantly start thinking of how to resolve a problem as soon as you hear about it. Whether it be a problem that needs fixing or a customer\internal requirement you try and visualise the solution your head. It's just like a maths teacher or accountant trying to work out a numbers problem in their head whilst talking to someone.

If you saw Eminem in the film 8 Mile you'll know what I'm talking about as he did exactly the same thing when thinking of the lyrics for his raps. He had a tatty old pad that he used to write down all the ideas he had (whilst riding the bus) so he could come back to them at a later time.

For me, this can lead to frustration at times because the ideas that I have in my head I want to get out of my head so that I can refer back to them to refine and develop. Unless I'm sat in front of my laptop I would generally use traditional pen & paper meaning I have hundreds of doodles & sketches in books as well as stacks of individual pieces of paper in drawers and on my desk. But depending where I am and what I'm doing I don't always have a piece of paper to hand. The ones that I end up developing I then use the piece of paper as the basis and then re-create the design using Autodesk Inventor.

If like me, you end up with a small mountain of paper there is a solution to hand.....

Autodesk have just announced the availability of SketchBook Mobile - a version of SketchBook Pro that runs on your Apple iPhone or iTouch but has all the great features that you usually have on your PC! It means that any design ideas that you do have you don't need a pen & paper to hand, you can sketch away using SketchBook Mobile on your iPhone\iTouch and use these when you get back to the office.

You can get more information about SketchBook Mobile from the Autodesk website:


Or to purchase SketchBook Mobile for just $2.99 you can go straight to the AppStore:


Not only will SketchBook Mobile help you develop your designs whilst you are on the move, it will also help save some trees by using less paper!