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Friday, 23 October 2009

From your iPhone to Inventor

As regular readers of this and others blogs will know, Autodesk recently released SketchBookMobile. This is a version of the very popular sketching tool SketchBookPro used by digital artists, designers and engineers to sketch their designs in a digital format so that it can be re-used downstream. SketchBookMobile allows iPhone and iTouch users to have the same intuitive digital sketching tools right in the palm of their hand, wherever they are!

As a design engineer, you can't control when you come up with an idea or solution, you could be having dinner with the family, watching the match, taking a walk or even at work! Wherever you are SketchBookMobile will allow you to sketch your ideas, thoughts and designs using just your iPhone and fingers.

Now how does this help a design engineer or manufacturer I hear you cry......

Well watch this video that has been posted up onto YouTube and watch how you can skecth your designs and then quickly and easily transfer them to Autodesk Inventor to start fleshing out the Digital Prototype in 3D to include the plastic housing, PCB, wires, motors, drive etc.

It's a great bit of weekend watching.....