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Monday, 30 November 2009

The Day Before Autodesk University

Not had chance to blog until now, I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!

The flight over to Las Vegas for Autodesk University was reasonably event free, it was a long journey but it's going to be worth it. For the second flight in a row though my in-flight entertainment system was on the blink! It was stuck on one channel and I couldn't change it, so after watching the latest Harry Potter movie three times one of the on-board staff managed to change the channel, and I watched Ice Age 3 four times!

Although we were very tire by the time we got to the hotel we all arrived safely though which is the main thing.

So right now, I'm sat in a meeting room in THEhotel with all my colleagues from the Northern Europe Technical Team. We've got representation from UK, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Holland etc and from all industries - it's rare that we get the opportunity to all get together.

In preparation for today’s team meeting we spent yesterday at a place called Red Rock Canyon which is about 45 minutes drive outside of Las Vegas:

It's a gorgeous location to walk around, take pictures and marvel at some of the amazing rock formations and colours. Here’s a picture of some of the Northern European team from yesterday:

We'll be over at The Mandalay to register for Autodesk University 2009 during today so if you see any of us, don't hesitate to come over and say Hi.

Have a great Autodesk University!