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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Conditional Feature Suppression

I’ve just been working on a presentation that I am giving tomorrow at a user conference in Yorkshire, I’ve got 75 minutes to fill of tips and trick for Autodesk Inventor.

Now there are plenty of tips & tricks that I have been adding into the presentation, sketching, work features, part design, assembly design etc and I’m sure I’ll be able to fill the 75 minutes. Hopefully those attending will get some good tips that will help them.

One tip that I get asked quite a lot about and one which I think is a great ‘hidden gem’ is Conditional Feature Suppression within the part environment. What’s this I hear you cry?

Conditional Feature Suppression allows you to link features to parameters so that the feature is automatically suppressed or un-suppressed based on the parameter conditions you set. For example:

You have a bracket with a couple of pockets in it to reduce the weight. However, if the height of the bracket is less that 360mm, you don’t need the pockets on the bracket, you want them suppressed. Rather than the user having to remember to do this, you can use the Feature Properties to set the condition ‘If Height LessThan 360' – when the parameter called Height is less than 360, the pockets will automatically suppress, when the parameter Height is more than 360 the pockets will be unsuppressed.

Have a watch of this video to see how Conditional Feature Suppression works: