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Monday, 16 November 2009

Open 3D AutoCAD DWG data into Autodesk Inventor Part 2

Building on from last weeks’ blog article about opening 3D AutoCAD DWG data into Autodesk Inventor, I thought I would add some more ‘meat onto the bones’ so to speak.

Part 2 goes through the different open and import options when bringing in 3D solids that were created using AutoCAD and how selecting different options give different results. Most notably the difference in getting solid or composite features when opening the 3D DWG data and how to turn the composite features into solids quickly and easily.

Open 3D AutoCAD DWG Data Part 2 goes through opening a single 3D DWG solid into Autodesk Inventor:

Keep an eye out for Part 3 of this series that will show the different options to bring in a 3D AutoCAD DWG that contains multiple solids that you want to re-use as an assembly in Autodesk Inventor.