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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Open 3D AutoCAD DWG Data into Autodesk Inventor Part 3

The third and final part in this series shows how to take an AutoCAD DWG file that contains multiple 3D solids that you would like to re-use within Autodesk Inventor.

The following video shows two methods of opening and working with the 3D data, the first creates all of the relevant Inventor part and assembly files so that each of the 3D solids in the DWG file is in it's own part file and all parts are referenced into an assembly file.

The second workflow shows how to open the 3D DWG into an Inventor part file, convert the compostie feature to multiple solid bodies within the part file, make modifications and then use the Make Components tool within Inventor to convert the multi-body part file into an assembly with referenced part files.

Hope you enjoyed this three part series! Next on the agenda is working with Inventor part and assembly data inside AutoCAD so make sure you visit back regularly or use the subscribe button on the right to have new blog articles delivered automatically to you.