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Friday, 18 December 2009

BIM loves DP!

Theres a real buzz at the moment around BIM, Building Information Modeling and DP, Digital Prototyping - whats the buzz all about I hear you ask?

Many architects are seeing the benefits of moving to 3D and in-particular using BIM as a way of creating complete projects in one model. Just like Digital Prototyping for manufacturers where everything (2D, 3D, controls, analysis, simulation, visualisation etc) is included within the 3D digital prototype; architects are able to include everything they need for the project inside one Building Information Model. All of the required geometry, MEP, structure, schedules, reports, analysis etc is contained within the one model.

Manufacturers that work within the architectural industry providing things like lighting, HVAC, furniture, staircases, fabrications, window frames, curtain walls, hardware etc need an easy way to share their Digital Prototype so it can be used within the Building Information Model.

Autodesk Industry Solution Evangelist Rob Cohee has put together a 10 part YouTube video series that shows exaclty how a manufacturer working within the architectural industry can quickly and easily share their 3D Digital Prototypes so that they can be included by the architect in the Building Information Model. Using tools like Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Revit makes this collaboration quick and easy.

Head on over to Robs YouTube channel to see exactly how this process is benefiting manufacturers and architects across the globe and bring BIM and DP even closer togetether.


Happy Collaborating!