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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Alias Sketch for AutoCAD

Right at the start of the design process when you've got ideas forming that you want to sketch out and record for future reference and development, usually involves a finely sharpened pencil and whatever paper based media you can get your hands on. Napkins, business cards, newspaper are all used within the design process to get those initial ideas down quickly.

If you have an Apple iPhone though you will no doubt have heard of, and maybe even downloaded and used Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile. Over 1,000,000 people have downloaded and used Sketchbook Mobile to be creative on the iPhone and sketch their designs and ideas for future reference. This is great whilst you're on the move as you just never know when an idea is going to pop into your head.

For those out there using AutoCAD and want to be creative and sketch out ideas digitally or manipulate digital images you can now do this directly inside of AutoCAD using Alias Sketch for AutoCAD which has recently been added to Autodesk Labs.

Alias Sketch for AutoCAD will allow users to:

  • Leverage freehand drawing techniques with pen based interaction
  • Create blank screen illustrations
  • Create artwork or import images to graphically express the context of designs, something previously requiring multiple applications to achieve
  • Manipulate and composite images to quickly create variations for design exploration
  • Free-hand mark-up (annotate) directly on top of AutoCAD geometry

For more information and to download the software and view videos of it in action please visit: