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Friday, 26 February 2010

Autodesk Inventor Projects - OldVersions

When you create an Autodesk Inventor Project file (.ipj) it not only sets the working folders, template & content locations, style library access, it also sets the number of OldVersions to save of an Inventor file.

The Old Versions to Keep On Save option sets the number of versions to store in the OldVersions\ folder for each file saved. If you've noticed an OldVersions folder popping up in your workspace it's because the first time a file is saved in a project, an OldVersions\ folder for that file is created. When the file is saved, the prior version is moved automatically to its OldVersions\ folder. After the number of old versions reaches the maximum, the oldest version is deleted when a newer version is moved into the folder.

You can edit the number of OldVersion files to save in the folder before they get purged off. For example, you can set the value to 0 to save no Oldversions, or 10 to keep the last 10. You can also set the value to -1 which will save all OldVersions without purging any. All you have to do click the variable, and then change it to the maximum number of file versions to keep in all OldVersions\ folders in the project. You can also right mouse click and select Edit.

Happy Inventing!