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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Create Lifecycle Definitions with MS Visio

If you are using Vault Workgroup 2010, Vault Collaboration 2010 or Vault Manufacturing 2010 to manage your 2D, 3D and non-CAD data you will no doubt be using document lifecycle definitions.

Lifecycle definitions allow manufacturers to replicate their workflow\approval\release processes electronically so that documents can be managed and tracked as they move through the design engineering process. The security on each state can be configured as well as transition actions and transition security, ensuring that only the correct people are involved in the correct lifecycle processes.

We have heard a lot that many manufacturers already have their workflow documented as a flow diagram within Microsoft Visio, or that they would like to use Visio to document a new workflow. With this in mind, Doug Redmond from our Data Management team in the US has written a great utility that allows users of VW, VC or VM to import a Visio .vsd document to automatically create the lifecycle definitions in Vault!

Have a watch of this video for more details:

To get hold of the utility, and for more data management goodness, have a look on Dougs Blog - It's All Just Ones and Zeros

Happy lifecycle defining!