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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Autodesk Inventor 2011 is here!

Todays the day that Autodesk Inventor 2010 users on subscription have been looking forward to - the release of AutoCAD Inventor Suite 2011!

I've been busting to write a blog about all the good stuff Inventor 2011 has to offer but have had to wait until now to be able to tell you about all the great new and updated tools that we have added into the product.

The first thing we must talk about is the new visual experience that Inventor 2011 offers design engineers. The modeling environment has been updated to have real-time photo-realistic visuals of your parts and assemblies. You don't have to set up cameras, lights, backgrounds etc, just tell Inventor that you want a realistic view and choose if you want to show shadows (object, ground and \or ambient) as well as reflections and hey presto you have a model that looks like it would in real life.

However, this isn't just a static rendering you can carry on working on the model to develop your digital prototype!

This leads me onto the next great addition to Inventor 2011 which allows users to spend their time concentrating on their digital prototype in the Inventor window and less time thinking about which icon to choose.

The heads up display (HUD) in Inventor 2011 allows users to work with some of the most commonly used tools in Inventor right at the mouse cursor. For example, just click on some sketch geometry and right at your mouse cursor you will get three icons to choose from - Create an Extrude, Create a Revolve or Edit the sketch you have just created. If you choose to create an extrude or revolve, you will have all of the options to complete that task at your mouse cursor:

Once you choose what you want to create, the HUD updates to give you the relevant options for that operation e.g. extrude depth, termination, type etc:

Add to the great new visualisation and HUD the fact that we have direct model manipulation and real-time model feedback means that changes to existing 3D digital prototypes and development of new designs is quicker than ever before.

If you want to add a fillet or chamfer to one or more edges, just select the edge(s), use the HUD to select Fillet or Chamfer and then drag the edge to create the desired result - no need to move outside of the model window once! The results can be seen in real time on the model so you know that what you are doing is actually what you want to end up with.

Users have the same real-time experience when creating extrusions, revolves, holes etc that add, remove or interect material. This again means that users know exactly what they are going to achieve before they commit to it.

There so many other great enhnacements to Inventor 2011 which include:

  • Frame Analysis
  • iLogic Integration and new iLogic rules
  • iCopy
  • Catia v4 translator
  • Enhanced AEC\BIM Exchange tools
  • 3D Printing enhancements
  • Assembly Design enhancements
Over the coming days I will add more details on the blog on each of these areas so that you can learn more about what Inventor 2011 has to offer, I'll also be adding some videos to our YouTube channel as well but here's one to get you started:

Happy Inventor 2011 Day!