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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Autodesk Wiki Help

With the addition of the new Autodesk 2011 products comes a new on-line resource, direct from Autodesk to help users get more knowledge and information about products like Autodesk Inventor, AuotoCAD Electrical, Inventor Fusio and Inventor Publisher.

I'm sure you have all used Wikipedia in the past (to find out the answer to those random quiz questions), the on-line encyclopedia that can be edited and enhanced by whoever uses it. Well Autodesk have released the Autodesk Wiki Help site which contains a whole host of help topics, videos and tips that you can rate, add to and comment on for other users to take advantage of.

There's already lots of really great infomation available and more will be added over time.


Users of Autodesk Inventor can access the new Wiki Help by clicking on the Wiki Help button on the Getting Started ribbon. You can start reading up and sharing your own knowledge and experiences with other users.

One page I found particularly useful (and there's plenty of them) is the iLogic Function References. It gives examples of all the different iLogic functions and how to use them in your rules based design automation. Very useful indeed!!

Happy Wiki-editing!!