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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Stunning Results and Talented People

Communication of product design is a critical part of the design process and as people say "a picture paints a thousand words".

Autodesk Showcase is part of the Digital Prototyping solutions and allows designers and engineers to very quickly and easily create stunning visualisations that they can use to help paint those thousands of words. Users can use the 3D Digital Prototype created using Autodesk Inventor to create a range of visuals that can be used during design review meetings and customer briefings. Alternative component options, colour schemes and configurations can all be set-up within Autodesk Showcase so that you can showcase your design.

To help manufacturers using Autodesk Showcase get more from the tools they have in their hands, two of my colleagues from Autodesk - Robin Oldroyd and Graham Bell, (who are both visualisation specialists) have started writing a new blog where they share tips, tricks, news and examples of work created in Autodesk Showcase.

If you havn't been over to see the Autodesk Showcase blog, get yourself on over to see the kinds of work that manufacturers are doing:


Happy Showcasing!