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Friday, 23 July 2010

Day Three: Farnborough Airshow

On day one of the Farnborough Airshow we hosted a number of manufacturers from various industry sectors at the Autodesk office to show them how our Digital Prototyping solutions are helping manufacturers be more productive and more competitive.

Today (Wednesday) we hosted a number of companies from within the built environment and media & entertainment industries. The day was similar to Monday's event with manufacturers but there was more of a focus on how Autodesk can help those who are developing (or re-developing) airports.

We were able to show how Autodesk solutions help all industries who are working on the development of an airport, right from the Geospatial ground work, through Civil Design & Engineering, Architectural design, Building services, Structural design, Manufacturing and then visualising the design using our Media & Entertainment tools.

The key part of all this is that we were able to show how all of the industry specific solutions can be used together to help reduce errors, reduce the amount of re-work and increase communication. For example, a fabricated glass staircase that has been designed using Autodesk Inventor with all of the drawings, bill of materials, cut lists etc is required in the main airport terminal. We showed how the manufacturer could output a 3D BIM ready version of the staircase that could be used in Revit Architecture.

We also showed how we could aggregate all of the industry specific data together to give us an overall view of the project, where it was up to, any problems with things like clashes but also introduce the element of time to see how the project would be delivered.

Many of those in attendance knew about Autodesk, they knew about AutoCAD and the tools that they were using but they didn't know they could be used in this way to enable successful collaboration between different industry teams.

The presentation that we gave is based around Millennium Airport, an airport development that the Northern Europe Technical Sales Team put together, and allows the user to select the industry sectors that are important to them to see how the Autodesk solutions will help:


Just hover your mouse over the interactive airport to select the industry sector(s) you want to learn more about. There's plenty of content, videos and documents that show you exactly how the Autodesk solutions can help:

The afternoon was spent out on the lawn outside of the Autodesk office in Farnborough discussing with the delegates what we had presented that morning but also enjoying the fabulous air display being put on at the show:

We were treated to the A380, F16 and The Blades again but added to the program was a fly-by by a B52 and a display by an RAF Vulcan