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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

AutoCAD on the Apple Mac is back!

I remember in the early 1990's seeing a version of AutoCAD running on an Apple Mac, I can't for the life of me remember where it was, I know it was during my days of "studying" but it was something that quickly dissapeared......................until today!

Today, Autodesk have officially announced what many people have been expecting, blogging and tweeting about for a few months - AutoCAD is once again available for the Apple Mac.

This announcement cements the rumours that users of Apple Mac hardware can now install and work with a native version of AutoCAD for the Mac without the need to use emulators like Parallels or Bootcamp. This new version of AutoCAD 2011 takes advantage of many of the Apple Mac user interface tools such as menu-bar to the integration of cover flow support to visually scroll through your DWG file previews, multi-touch gestures and making use of the track pad; which all go towards providing users with an experience that fits in with any of the other native Apple Mac software used.

It's worth pointing out that this is not a port of the Windows based AutoCAD to run on Mac OSX it is a complete re-write of the AutoCAD application!

AutoCAD for Mac is currently going through some final beta testing and should hopefully be available in the Autumn to trial, purchase & download from the Autodesk Student Community.

Have a watch of the AutoCAD on the Mac launch video:

For more information about AutoCAD for Mac, click on the link below:


Autodesk also announced the AutoCAD WS mobile application, a new app soon to be available through Apple’s App Store that will extend AutoCAD to Apple’s iOS. The AutoCAD WS mobile application will enable AutoCAD users to edit and share AutoCAD files on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch so they can have real-time collaboration even while on the go.

Make sure you visit back regularly as I'll have more information about AutoCAD WS in the near future.