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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Autodesk Analysis Tools for Hydraulics and Hydrology in the UK

My collegues over at From the Ground Up blog have asked me to let you all know about an event they are holding next month in London.

The Autodesk Civil team will be at The Thames Water Barrier in London on Thursday October 28th to show how Autodesk analysis tools can help Civil Engineers plan and design urban drainage systems, storm and foul sewers. Integrating stormwater and wastewater analysis tools during planning and design will help improve overall project productivity and increase your engineering capabilities in the UK.

Aimed at those who work in civil engineering as engineers and planners, you will learn how Autodesk analysis tools can help you with run off calculations; storage and pipe sizing; detention ponds and outlet structures and lots more.

Click here for full event details and registration.....