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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sharing data with the supply chain

Once you've finished your 2D drawing using Autodesk Inventor do you ever have to use the Save Copy As tool to save the IDW or DWG file as a different file format to share with colleagues, suppliers or customers?

The Save Copy As tool within Autodesk Inventor will allow users to save a 2D drawing in various different file formats such as AutoCAD DWG (2000, 2004, 2007 or 2010), JPG, TIFF, PDF, GIF, PNG etc. These formats help when the 2D drawing is to be shared with those who use tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Windows Image Viewer.

As a design engineer though, you don't want to spend time and effort using the Save Copy As tool to produce each of the different formats required for each 2D drawing.

Using Autodesk Inventors iLogic tools we can build a rule that creates these other files for you automatically, it requires just one line of iLogic code - yes, you read that correctly just one line of iLogic code!!

Have a watch of this video to see exactly how art the touch of a button you can save your 2D Inventor drawing and get all the other required formats 'free of charge':

Rather than typing the iLogic rule, here it is so you can copy & paste it:

ThisDoc.Documents.SaveAs(ThisDoc.ChangeExtension(".jpg"), True)

UPDATE: Using the line of iLogic code above will save the files in the same folder as the 2D drawing. If you want to save it in a different folder you can predifine the location using the following:

strFolder = "D:\files\" & ThisDoc.FileName(False) 'without extension

ThisDoc.Document.SaveAs(strFolder & (".jpg") , True)
ThisDoc.Document.SaveAs(strFolder & (".pdf") , True)

MessageBox.Show("All file formats saved", "File Save")