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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Why Autodesk, you really are spoiling us!

Even more new technology? You can't be serious?

Well, yes we are and this time it is for factory floor layout and optimisation directly inside of AutoCAD.

You may well have seen that Autodesk released the Factory Design Suites earlier this year which allow factory layout enginners to use AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk Inventor, Navisworks and a new Factory Utility to design the layout of a factory floor. The combination of these tools into a suite meant data could flow freely between them to design and visualise the layout.

The Factory Layout Optimisation tool now allows engineers to use new or existing AutoCAD drawings to optimise the layout of work cells, stations, production lines etc inside of the familiar AutoCAD environment.

The basic process is to use geometry to represent each of the work stations and then link them together whilst supplying relevant information about each work station such as time, cost, energy etc. Once they are all linked together the new AutoCAD Factory Layout Optimisation tool will analyse the flow through each of the work stations and give you feedback based on how much time it will take. As you edit the layout, the feedback will update in real time ensuring you are able to design an optimum factory floor layout and process.

The Factory Layout Optimisation Tool for AutoCAD is available to download from the Autodesk Labs website:


The Technology Preview can be applied to new or existing 2D layout designs in AutoCAD 2011, AutoCAD Architecture 2011, AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 and Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2011.

The Tech Preview will expire on May 31, 2011.

Here it is in action: